Xposure Today

We're a fully global distributed team, meaning that we'll be able to help your projects and it's exposure from all around the world!

Howard Miller

Founder/ CEO

In 2018, Howard capitalized on his 7 years of Social Media expertise by launching his own agency, turning it into an internationally recognized centre of excellence for functional classification and marketing. The last 4 years, Howard provided world class marketing solutions to the largest companies in the crypto industry.

Jamie Hill


Jamie joined the company after Xposure existed for a year, using his crafted skills from his experience with F500 companies to handle the day-to-day business operations and ensures all communication with all employees go smoothly.

Bryan Belarmino

CTO/ Advisor

As an innovative, entrepreneurial and strategic leader. Bryan has extensive strategic analysis, planning and management skills. Delivering financial and strategic solutions are his specialty.

Hailey Sopher

PR + Content writer

Hailey has been writing press releases for over 8 year at several places such as: Bloomberg, CoinTelegraph and more.

Erik Borger

Head of Marketing

Erik is a professional, hard-working and detail-oriented marketeer. Started as a branding and marketing employee at Zen Media. Erik has over 5 years in digital marketing and used to write PR and content for Xposure at the beginning.

Kristine Rivera


Kristine has more than 4 years’ work experience in online/offline brand communications, events coordination, digital PR, and media/community relations.